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A Few Of Mr. Serna’s Client Testimonials

Mr. Serna frequently receives unsolicited letters from grateful clients and their families, news media, other attorneys, and judges before whom he has appeared. Every case is different, and past success is not a predictor of future outcomes. What follows are excerpts from a few of the more recent letters Mr. Serna has received. While the identities of those making the following comments remain confidential, all of the original letters are kept on file:

Dear Mr. Serna, Thank you so much for your time. You were terrific! Sincerely, *************, Court TV News(sm), 600 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10016 courttv.com

Dear Mr. Serna: Thank you for giving me the honor of serving as a reference for you for your recertification as a Criminal Law Specialist. I returned the questionnaire promptly giving you the highest scores possible with corresponding comments. Please let me know if you have any questions. Sincerely yours, ************ (Chief Judge of a New Mexico Trial Court).

Mr. Serna, I just wanted to thank you for winning my case. When I was first looking in the yellow pages I came upon your ad and saw your picture and thought to myself that you looked like a smart, tactful and aggressive attorney who looked like you could defend me in a time when I had lost all hope.
You became my strength and, better yet, put your point across to the jurors with the same amount of conviction as I myself had been feeling. I am pleased that my first impression of looking at you in the phone book was correct. You have surpassed any expectations I had of you.
I am glad I had an opportunity to meet you. You are truly unique and genuine. I thank you, my kids thank you and my family thanks you!

David- You are awesome!! I always felt like you were on top of the issues, knew the law, and it was a real education watching you work. I have learned some significant life lessons from all of this. Thank you very much for all you did for me these past few months. If I can ever steer anyone in your direction- I will. Thank you.

David- I know that in the course of your business you deal with cases like mine every day. For me it was an experience that significantly impacted my life and my outlook. Words can’t begin to express my gratitude, bur thank you for being my advocate and obtaining the best possible results. It is highly improbable that I will find myself your client again- one experience in this situation was enough for me- but I hope that when I begin practicing in the legal community we will meet up again. If ever I meet up with anyone in need of legal counsel I know who to refer them to. Thank you again.

No words can express our deepest appreciation for you. You are absolutely MARVELOUS! Thank you Mr. Serna.

I am happy to inform you that we were able to secure a NOT GUILTY verdict in my case in District Court in Santa Fe. David was fantastic. I’m not sure that footage from a current “Best Picture” has ever been used in a trial before, but it has now. I am fortunate to have taken David’s advice and was proud to see him in action.

I can’t thank you enough… David, I asked *********** (another New Mexico Board Certified Attorney Specialist) for the best attorney in town and without hesitation she gave me your name. She was right. I appreciate all your advise and support during these past few months… but I hope you know I appreciate everything you’ve done.

Dear Mr. David Serna Esq., “In life, sometimes the best of things can simply be the help of a friend.”- Collins. I just wanted to thank you for your great work on our case recently. Your professionalism and courtesy won the respect of Judge ***** and ultimately won the case. You are a great role model for us young aspiring attorneys. Thanks again for lending a hand during a tough time.

David, I was not very optimistic or hopeful that things would turn out well in court. But I’m very grateful that you were able to get my case dismissed. Thank you for everything.

See this smile on my face? You put it there! Thanks! I admire how you’ve performed through all our endeavors together. Thank you very much. Your friend, *******.

Dear Mr. David Serna: I hope when this letter reaches you it finds you in the best of health and in the best of company. By means of this, I want to let you know how thankful I am for your professional services. Your job was to represent me and to act in what I believe to be the best of my interest which you did with the best of you, sir. We, my personal self and my family thank you for such honorable services, we are very grateful to you Mr. Serna.

Mr. Serna, Please accept our sincere appreciation for all your efforts on behalf of our daughter, in her case which concluded on March 6 of this year. She could not have had better representation than what you gave her.

Mr. Serna, Thank you for all your hard work in seeing that our son received justice.

Mr. David Serna. I wanted to tell you thanks for what you did for me and my grandparents. Even though we are paying you I will never be able to pay you back for what you did for me. THANK YOU.

Mr. Serna, I want to thank you for the plan you worked out for*******. I know God has answered prayers and has used you and touched all people involved to make our prayers heard. Praise God for his Love and Mercy. We all want to wish you a Happy and Joyful Thanksgiving. God Bless You. With sincere gratitude and warmest thanks.

Dear Mr. Serna, we want to send our SINCEREST THANKS for your taking care of our situation. We can now feel free to live a family life as it should be without that shadow always hanging over our heads. Thanks again to your expertise, knowledge and also the wonderful work.

Hi David, I just wanted to say Thank You for being you, and for being professional in helping me in my criminal case. I was impressed by your wisdom and professional attitude. I was really pleased with the outcome the other day in Court. So I am really grateful for that!

Mr. Serna, I wanted to let you know just how much I appreciated EVERYTHING you did for me! If it wasn’t for all you hard work, there is no telling where I’d be right now. A million and one thanks for all you did for me!!!

David! You really went out of your way for me! Thanks a lot for getting me out of the mess I got myself in!


Big Thanks! For smoothing out a Rough Road.

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