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Mr. Serna Does Not Post News Or Case Wins Regarding Clients

Mr. Serna maintains the confidentiality of his clients, even as to the client’s identity and information about the case. As Mr. Serna practices strictly criminal defense, he has learned that it is almost always in the best interest of the client to keep the representation confidential and low profile. Additionally, Mr. Serna feels that, almost always, client rights to privacy would be violated if he were to post client names or details about a specific case.

Capable Legal Guidance For High Profile Cases

Of course, if a criminal case of Mr. Serna’s becomes high profile, he is quite prepared to deal with the media. He has appeared on Court TV, Dateline NBC, Inside Edition, among other national media outlets. In situations where the media has already taken an interest in one of Mr. Serna’s cases, as often happens, Mr. Serna sometimes finds it necessary to respond publicly in order to avoid a one-sided unfair picture being painted of the client or the case. But he will NEVER call attention to himself at the expense of the client.

This website has a testimonials section where some of the unsolicited letters of gratitude from recent former clients are reproduced. But this site NEVER publishes the name or other identifiers of those who have written him letters without their permission.

Lastly, a person seeking legal representation should always be aware that because every case is different, past success is not a predictor of future outcomes.

Learn More By Contacting Mr. Serna

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