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Attorney David C. Serna is a Board-Certified Diplomate and Trial Advocate who defends the rights of clients throughout the Albuquerque area and across New Mexico. Contact his office now to schedule your free consultation.

National Association of Distinguished Council

Decades Of Criminal Defense Experience And Results

Since 1977, attorney David C. Serna has defended clients from a variety of criminal charges across 11 states. As the sole practitioner at Serna Law Offices, he represents clients throughout New Mexico from the firm’s conveniently located Albuquerque office. Before starting his career as a sole practitioner, he worked as a prosecutor who handled violent crimes. His experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney gives him a unique perspective that he uses to create a strong defense.

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An Attorney With Decades Of Awards And Recognition

Mr. Serna has been recognized by many national and local attorney rating agencies for a long record of providing excellent legal representation. He works closely with every client to understand the unique details of their case and alleged crimes. Mr. Serna will handle all aspects of your case personally. He does not pass off cases to junior associates, and he works closely with every client. Based on this close relationship with clients and inspection of case facts, Mr. Serna will create a personalized defense for your charges.

Just a few of his many legal accolades include:

  • Selected for inclusion to the list of top-rated criminal defense Super Lawyers from 2007-2020
  • Receiving the 2013 Charles Driscoll Memorial Award
  • Inducted into the National Association of Distinguished Counsel in 2015
  • Receiving the 2016 Martindale-Hubbell Client Distinction Award
  • Named as one of the Top Lawyers Of Albuquerque by Albuquerque Magazine
  • Founding member of the National College of DUI Defense


Mr. Serna, I just wanted to thank you for winning my case. When I was first looking in the yellow pages I came upon your ad and saw your picture and thought to myself that you looked like a smart, tactful and aggressive attorney who looked like you could defend me in a time when I had lost all hope.
You became my strength and, better yet, put your point across to the jurors with the same amount of conviction as I myself had been feeling. I am pleased that my first impression of looking at you in the phone book was correct. You have surpassed any expectations I had of you.
I am glad I had an opportunity to meet you. You are truly unique and genuine. I thank you, my kids thank you and my family thanks you!

David- I know that in the course of your business you deal with cases like mine every day. For me it was an experience that significantly impacted my life and my outlook. Words can’t begin to express my gratitude, bur thank you for being my advocate and obtaining the best possible results. It is highly improbable that I will find myself your client again- one experience in this situation was enough for me- but I hope that when I begin practicing in the legal community we will meet up again. If ever I meet up with anyone in need of legal counsel I know who to refer them to. Thank you again.

Dear Mr. Serna: Thank you for giving me the honor of serving as a reference for you for your recertification as a Criminal Law Specialist. I returned the questionnaire promptly giving you the highest scores possible with corresponding comments. Please let me know if you have any questions. Sincerely yours, (Chief Judge of a New Mexico Trial Court).

Mr. Serna frequently receives unsolicited letters from grateful clients and their families, news media, other attorneys, and judges before whom he has appeared. Every case is different, and past success is not a predictor of future outcomes. What follows are excerpts from a few of the more recent letters Mr. Serna has received. While the identities of those making the following comments remain confidential, all of the original letters are kept on file.

A Personalized Defense For A Variety Of Crimes

Mr. Serna defends clients from many types of criminal charges, including driving under the influence, drug crimes, violent crimes, weapons-related charges, white collar crimes and sex offenses. Learn More

Legal Guidance Clients In Both English And Spanish

Mr. Serna is fluent in both English and Spanish.
He has assisted many clients who do not speak any English. Se habla español.

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